Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Let's cook- baked lemon fish!

This recipe is a simple one, a real simple one.
But a good one! 

We are trying our best to have fish once a week, just to mix it up and for a healthier meal (especially since on our outings we eat everything under the sun that's junky but oh so good, in case you haven't noticed).
Growing up, my mom and Gigi and Granny, my grandmothers, taught me lots in the cooking department! I have many DELICIOUS recipes from those three that will most definitely show up here. But since moving to Germany, I have had to start this cooking adventure on my own, scary! I have explored new recipes and what exactly I can put together with what is sold in the grocery stores here, quite different than in the states!
I have tried many different recipes in the past few weeks, some turned out great and some were flops, of course. But baked fish is one we have had a few times now and just love it! 

 Many of you, probably loads of you, have all sorts of great ways for cooking fish and are pros at it. Me? Not so much. So I am hoping this will be helpful to some of you out there who are like me! After asking around and researching I found out this way works best for us and is such a yummy meal! Enjoy!

 This recipe serves two! One night I served with noodles and salad, another night brown rice (healthier choice) and broccoli! Also experiment with seasonings. Basil and parsley is what I had on hand and it was great, but try whatever you have hidden away! 

Super simple but hopefully this is useful to some!


  1. Excellent job! That looks fantastic! I can't wait to try it!

  2. Hey sweet Bailley, just wanted to let you know I enjoy your blog and will definitely have to try out this fish recipe sometime! Looks like you are doing well and having a blast as a newlywed! So glad to hear!! :)

    -Allye Foster


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