Saturday, October 19, 2013

Life Lately

It has been a good week here in Nuremberg!

A week just full of life. It is starting to feel like home here, more and more every day.
+Rob has been practicing like tomorrow night!
+I started volunteering at a day care/ pre-school here this week and it has been great! I've missed hanging out with littles!
+Tried out a few new recipes this week...will post soon!
+Took some beautiful walks
+Had our first movie theater experience here. Saw The Butler and ate some good popcorn, no liquid butter here (crazy I tell ya)!
+Ate at our first German Restaurant...soo good! And a creperie! Come visit us and we will take you!!
+Planning fun things and adventures for when friends come visit us in December! Wahoo! So excited.
+Lastly, Robert and I are doing a 90 day overview of the bible and it has been really great. We are learning so much. Lots of the stories we have heard ever since we were little, we are reading and understanding much, much more. We serve a great God, a faithful God. One who loves us with a love that is beyond understanding. One who wants the best for us even when we do not understand and I am so grateful. I will find the link and post it asap.

We babysat some precious little girls this week and they had so much fun with Rob. Doesn't he look cute?! :) A donut hole type thing, but so different than back home. Fluffy, fried, coated in lots of sugar...delicious. The sandwich is called a doner, very popular here. They shave meat off this thing (I describe it so well, I know). I wasn't a huge fan, rob loved it though.
Happy Saturday!


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