Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Praha Tips and Tricks

If you follow along here, it is no secret that I love traveling. We are so grateful to have the opportunity to live in Germany for many reasons, one of the big reasons being the traveling we get to do as everything is within arm's reach! kinda. One of my favorite places so far that we have visited is the beautiful Prague in the Czech Republic. 

It is the perfect mix of history, beauty and fun. It is only 3 hours away from where we live right now. I have had the opportunity to visit four times now and it never ceases to take my breath away. 

Every. Single. Time. I am amazed with the beauty and history around me. I have had so much fun enjoying such an incredible place with loved ones. And I think each of you out there would as well!

I by no means have all the secrets to Prague. But I do know what I have learned while visiting there and what has provided such an enjoyable experience. So if you are planning a trip to Prague now or in the future, I think this will be very helpful to you! 


3 out of the 4 times I have been we just stay for 1 night. In about 24 hours you can see a lot, especially all that I recommend! Here are a few hotels I have stayed at that I can recommend...
  • Grand Hotel Bohemia
    • This hotel is my favorite. It is clean, beautiful and in the perfect location! It is a mere 5-10 minute walk to Old Town Square. AND it includes complimentary breakfast. Less than $200/night.
  • Ibis Praha Old Town 
    • I like to compare this chain to Holiday Inn. Simple and Clean. Good Location and very budget friendly.
  • InterContinental Prague
    • This one is a little more of a splurge and one that I have never stayed at. It is one I would love to one day though. It is on one of the most beautiful streets, has a historic feel and just looks wonderful.  
Where do I eat??

This is an area  I cannot recommend a ton of restaurants. We eat at a new place every time and there are two that I think are musts. 
  •  Mistral Cafe
    • This restaurant was delicious. And it has such a quaint and pretty atmosphere. You have to try the grilled pork medallions with potato dollops, you will not be disappointed. My mouth is watering thinking about it now...
  • James Dean Cafe
    • You are going to think I am crazy but this is an American Restaurant and I do recommend it! Since we live in Europe it is quite a treat to get a good burger, fries and milkshake. A big treat! So need a little break from Czech food? Check this fun place out!
  • Another reason I do not have a lot of restaurants to recommend is because there are yummy stands in Old Town Square with delicious food! You can grab some delicious sausage and sauerkraut, sit on a bench and enjoy the view!
  • There are lots of restaurants right on the (Old Town) square that provide a spectacular view. The food is normally okay and beware as they will charge a little extra fee for location and such.
  •  And we cannot forget one of my favorite desserts in the world- Trdelnik. If you like delicious warm, fresh cinnamon pastries then your world will be changed. This hollow cinnamon pastry is sold at stands in Old Town Square and really is all over. You can't miss it! This really makes my mouth water...

  • Walk! Every single time I go we walk everywhere and it is totally do-able! My tips to enjoy walking...
    • pick a hotel in Old Town Square area (all the ones I listed above are in this area).
    • wear comfortable shoes! You will do lots of walking so make sure you have comfy shoes so your feet will not be killing you at the end of the day. This is really a great rule of thumb for everywhere in Europe.
  • Most of the time we take the train to Prague and then walk to our hotel in Old Town Square since taxis can get expensive. It is about a 20 minute walk. 
  • When you go up to Prague Castle it is the longest walk and one with a hill. If that does not appeal to you, take a taxi up! But if you are up for a little walk do it, so much beauty to see!
  • We have never flown into Prague so I am not sure how far the airport is from the heart of Prague. Most likely you will need to take public transport or a taxi.
What do I do?? 

Oh man my favorite part! I am sure there is so much I have not done, I am no pro by any means. But here is what I do on each trip and think is a must!
  • Old Town Square
    • This is probably the most beautiful part to me. If you go during Christmas (my favorite time) this is where all the Christmas Market Stands are set up...tons of fun trinkets and food! As I mentioned, food stands are up year round, which is a must for a meal or two.

    • While in the square, a visit to St. Nicholas Church is a must, as well as the famous Astronomical Clock. 
  •  Parizska Street. This is such a beautiful street that you have to stroll down. It is right off of Old Town Square and is lined with beautiful high end stores. Tiffanys, Dior, Cartier, you name it! I love strolling along this street, it is just gorgeous! 
  • Charles Bridge. This is probably the most popular site to see in Prague. It is an easy walk from Old Town and it is the bridge you have to cross to get to Prague Castle. It dates back to the 15th century and is just incredible. 

  •  Prague Castle. A must. It is beautiful and so interesting. Try to get there around noon or be done with your tour by noon so you can see the changing of the guards. They change every hour but noon is when they do the big ceremony. For your tour I recommend the short visit and if you are a student bring your student ID for about 1/2 off your ticket! Tickets can be easily purchased when you get there.
  • New Town. This is a part of Prague that I do not go every time, but it is fun! It is basically a huge street lined with stands and tons of modern day shopping such as H&M and other clothing stores. It is about a 10 minute walk from Old Town. 
I do all of this in about 24 hours. So if you only have a night in Prague, no problem! Hang out in Old Town and explore the first day and then wake up the next day and hit Charles Bridge and the Castle! 

Any Other Tips?
  • Get Lost. Around Old Town Square, there are so many fun shops and pretty side streets. Just walk all around and enjoy all the nooks and crannies!
  • Crystal is very big here. The one crystal shop you must check out is Bohemia Crystal right off of the square. It is full of beautiful items and it is a must see when in Prague!
  • Google Maps is your friend. I plan to do a full tutorial on this one day. But you can download this app to your phone. When you have wifi, type in your address destination. So say you are at your hotel and want to get to your restaurant. Type in it's address and then route. It will then pull up point A and point B, current and final destination. Once you are out of the hotel and without wifi, it will stay pulled up and you can follow the map so easily to your final destination. 
 And there you have it! As I said, I am by no means a pro on Prague. But I do LOVE this city and know what has provided the best time for me during each visit! I hope I covered it all, but please if you have any questions shoot me an email! Let's end with another spectacular view, shall we?



  1. It's so wonderful you are able to be there and see these places. Wouldn't a life full of nothing but traveling be the ultimate life haha. Love it.

  2. You have such gorgeous photos from your trips there!

  3. My cousin has been living in Prague for the last year and just signed on to stay another year.. and I can see why! Everything looks so beautiful! Maybe I need to plan a trip to go see her :)

  4. Absolutely GORGEOUS photos!!! And those hollow pastries look to die for!

  5. So I have to admit Prague has never been on my list of places to visit, but you've completely convinced me after all these photos! I love cities that are walkable & that pastry looks delicious!

  6. There's a small bakery/coffee place in Nürnberg that sells Trdelnik.
    It's called Chimne cake corner and is located downtown, if you ever want a piece of Prague in NBG :)

  7. All your photos are gorgeous!! What kind of camera/lens do you shoot with? I love this post! so many great tips!

  8. Gorgeous pics & what great advice!! I'd love to visit Prague!

  9. Beautiful photos!! I'm packing now ;) (I wish! lol!) Thanks for sharing!! xo

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  11. I went to Prague this summer but was only there for two days. Your pictures make me want to go back so badly! I didn't get to go inside the castle and I hear the view from the top is breathtaking.


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