Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Travel Fashion Essentials- Italy Prep

The warmer weather has started to show and that means traveling in the near future! Robert and I are heading to Italy next Friday and we cannot wait. I have done some online shopping and browsing and I think I have everything for our trip! I am the nerd who left almost all of my summer clothes back in the states. I moved here to Germany in September and brought lots of jeans and long sleeve shirts. I obviously had a major brain fart since I brought very few summer items with me. So, today I want to share some of my travel fashion essential.  And really what I will be wearing most of the spring and summer!

Travel Essentials

Lightweight scarf. I love a pretty blue with a delicate print, dresses up any outfit. / Basic T-shirts. If you haven't noticed my style is very simple and fun color t-shirts are perfect for the warmer weather, especially dressed up with a cute scarf or necklace! / Crossbody Camera Bag. A cute bag that has enough room for your camera as well as travel essentials like passports, money, ect. / A simple necklace. Robert recently got me this Kendra Scott necklace in teal and I loooove it. Adds a dainty pop of color to any outfit. / Jeans. Basically capris and I love the style Gap has right now. Perfect for those rainy days and especially at night. / Aviators. Sunglasses are a must for me and aviator style is by far my favorite. / Comfortable Shoes. I recently bought these ECCO sandals for our trip and oh my...pillows on my feet. Comfort is so important especially when traveling. I have learned my lesson the hard way. / Maxi Dress. I think maxi's are super comfortable and super cute, one of my favorites! / Shorts. White and Denim shorts are a must for me during the warmer weather. There are also so many fun printed shorts out there as well!

What are traveling essentials for you? What am I missing? 

I would love input!



  1. Super cute stuff you put together here, friend!

  2. I love your style!!! I gravitate toward the same pieces. :) I'd really love a good camera bag like that!

  3. Love this style especially the fun scarf!


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