Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Throwback Thursday...The Engagement

Robert and I were married the summer of 2013...June 15th. And man was it a special day.
{to see all the details of our wedding, click here}

But before the wedding, there was an engagement. And man that engagement was so darn special. And the time {a year and two months to be exact}of being engaged was so darn special. Moments that will always hold a dear place in our hearts.  The moment we got engaged is one I want to document, so I will never forget all the small and beautiful details.

So, let's do a little Throwback Thursday. Shall we? 2 and half years ago to be exact.

Let's begin with the story, the behind the scenes if you will.

Bailley's side
It was Easter weekend and Robert, my family and I headed to my grandparent’s house for Easter with family. Since we were out of town, Robert proposing never crossed my mind!  On Saturday the girls of the family spent a wonderful day in town shopping and getting manicures! It was so fun.   That night I was told to try on my new dress to show my aunt. I just thought ok, no big deal. Lights were not coming on yet. Once I was dressed, I walked out of the bedroom and the journey began. I walked out to a trail of balloons and my brother recording the whole event. I followed the balloons through the house all the while laughing and smiling, not knowing what to do with myself! At the end, I saw that the balloons were leading me to my Gigi and Poppy's beautiful backyard, a place that hold such a special place in my heart.  What was about to happen set in and the tears started to flow! What I saw was absolutely breathtaking. It was nighttime, and lights were strung from all the trees. In the middle of the yard, surrounded by candles, was the love of my life. I got to Robert, heard the most beautiful words, watched as he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. To which, of course, I SAID YES! I cannot describe the joy and love I felt, such a surreal moment. Soon after I said yes I heard exciting screams from the corner of the yard where my amazing family and to my surprise all my sweet, sweet friends were watching!  It was such an amazing night. One that I know only happened because of our Savior. So thankful for a God who has a divine plan.

Robert's side
After lots of planning and phone calls, the day finally arrived! I knew I needed Bailley out of the house so I could set up the backyard, so the girls of the family took her to Amarillo to do girly things while us men set up. We spent a couple hours hanging lights and setting up, and then it was time to wait. At this point I wasn't so nervous because I was getting things done. That would change as the afternoon turned to evening, and the evening to night. After we had dinner, Bailley promptly went to Gigi's room to change into her dress. I immediately changed and went outside to find the candles lit and the lights looking beautiful, thanks to all the help I had. I then proceeded to wait, surrounded by candles, in the middle of the yard. I was concentrating on what I was going to say when I saw Bailley walk out of the house. She was stunning, and any sentences that I had formed in my mind were immediately lost. As she walked towards me I collected my thoughts, really trying to remember the moment, seeing as how it was one of a kind. I got down on my knee and asked Bailley to be my wife. It is only by God's good grace that she said yes. We celebrated afterwards with family and friends, and it became a night both Bailley and I will cherish for the rest of our lives.

Look at that handsome man!

I walked out and saw the love of my life and the tears just kept coming. It was such a surreal moment {kinda like your wedding day}, and by surreal, I mean "one of the best moments ever and you don't know what to do!".

My fiance! We are engaged! And yes...the tears were still coming. I am a little bit emotional, if you haven't noticed.

I could hardly contain my excitement and little sister was right there with me.

Some of the bestest friends put together this basket for me full of wedding goodies. It was so, so thoughtful.

We could not ask for more amazing people in our lives. It was so special that they could share in this special moment with us, the people we do life with. So much love in one picture.
So much JOY!

This man, this man...I am just twitterpated by him {thank you, Bambi;)}.

The next day we took some pictures...the first as an engaged couple! I will never forget how much "giddiness" is behind those smiles.

Love this man, now my husband, with all my heart. He is a true treasure, a gift from God

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone!

I kinda like this social media tradition, gives us all a chance to reflect on such special times.

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  1. This is the sweetest!!! I love all the pictures and candles!!! So awesome!!!

  2. What a sweet engagement story!! So much thought and effort was clearly put into making it the perfect moment! Congratulations!

  3. How ridiculously adorable! I bet it was so fun to celebrate with all of those people that you love so much! Yay for having pictures of it, too!

  4. So cute! Love this story, so personal and simple yet elaborately planned!
    I love it! I love how engagement stories show how much detail a man will do to show his love for his future wife!! So beautiful!

    My engagement story is so similar with the whole simple yet elaborately planned thing! Takes me back to that special day! :)

  5. Such a beautiful story and lovely to hear his side as well... he's a keeper :-)

    Love the dress!

  6. This is the best - love these kinds of posts!! And so great that you have it in video too!! I love that they were able to get you dressed up without you know why... So fun!

  7. What a beautiful story. He is a keeper! I'm super impressed with all his planning and everything turned out perfect. So sweet.

  8. Omg!!! Your story and pictures are wayyy to fabulous! Love it!

  9. I love how involved your families were for the proposal. So sweet and so special.

  10. This is such a sweet proposal! It's so sweet how your family was so involved! You can definitely see the excitment on everyone's faces. Love it!

  11. How cute! This story was amazing. I loved his surprise. The proposal was very sweet. My engagement story is also very similar to your story. Now I am getting married in the next month. WE have booked a very romantic wedding location venue in Austin.


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